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We are passionate about training and equpping our fantastic teachers. 

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A picture is worth 1000 words.

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With loads of free resources to use in the classroom on our YouTube Channel.

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Number Fun Portal

A world of innovative and inspirational online mathematical resources for 3 to 11-year-old mathematicians, their teachers and their parents.  Featuring over 300 Number Fun song videos, it’s the place where visualisation, animation, vocabulary, story, song and humour transform the teaching of mathematics!


Dave is an experienced primary mathematics consultant and NCETM PD lead. Discover the range of high-quality mathematics training and support available to support you and your school.

Number Fun Shop

An extensive bank of downloadable and physical resources to help support the teaching of Mastery within school.  Characterised by powerful visualisations, these resources are designed to be both time-saving for teachers and super engaging for children.

Visual Policies

‘A picture is worth 1000 words’.  These extensive sets of posters provide schools clear progressions, core understandings, vital vocabulary and worked examples across a host of mathematical domains.  These school-branded tools bring both clarity and consistency to the teaching of mathematics.

Putting the pieces together

Discover how Number Fun is transforming teaching in Emma’s school.


Number Fun expresses the passions and skills of its creator Dave Godfrey.

Dave is maths mad!  He is passionate for helping children develop deep conceptual understanding in mathematics through the powerful tools of story, visualisation, media, fun and creativity.


Dave Godfrey

Dave is an experienced primary school teacher and mathematics consultant from York.  Having taught across the primary age range, Number Fun is the expression of Dave’s ongoing passion for the teaching of primary mathematics.  Dave is currently studying for a doctorate into the use of story as a tool in the teaching of subtraction.  His work utilises powerful creative tools to help teachers, parents and children develop deep conceptual understanding and enjoyment in this amazing subject!

Dave Godfrey

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