IAPS Conference: Number Fun Briefing

It’s been great to meet up at this year’s I.A.P.S. Conference!

Here are three ways you can connect with Number Fun…

Free consultancy meeting with Dave

Dave Godfrey is an NCETM Professional Development Lead and an experienced Mathematics Consultant, Trainer and Teacher.

We are offering free 30 minute Zoom consultations:

  • To explore your specific training and resourcing needs
  • For Headteachers / SLTs / Maths Leaders

Free trial of the Number Fun Portal – Visualisation, Animation, Story, Song and Humour.

The Number Fun Portal contains over 350 videos accompanied by a host of other creative resources.  Each video targets one specific mathematical objective from EYFS through to UKS2.

We are offering free logins for every teacher in your school until May 2022.

To set this up we need a contact email for an administrator for your logins. We also need to know how many classes you have within school.

Number Fun Days

Number Fun Days are action-packed celebrations of mathematics that include both fun-filled workshops for children and training for staff.  Each workshop is up to an hour long, and includes actions, dance, puppetry and props, alongside the use of the Number Fun Portal.

The training includes Dave modelling the use of Number Fun with your children, plus a staff meeting to help teachers use the Portal to engage children in deep learning experiences.  The day usually starts with a special maths assembly for everyone.

Schools booking a Number Fun Day receive a complementary year of portal logins for every teacher.

If you would be interested in:
* further details about a Number Fun Day in my school.
* details about booking a free consultancy call with Dave.
* details about a trial of the Number Fun Portal for my school.

Then please email your request to Jayne via office@numberfun.com

Video Wall

Farmer Pete – a Number Fun Classic

Case Study: How Number Fun has transformed the teaching of mathematics

An example of how the use of story develops deep understanding in mathematics

Quick Resource Links

Connect Number Fun with existing planning

A Number Fun “how to” guide

Slides from Dave’s conference keynote

Find us on YouTube

Find your Number Fun Resources instantly

Visit our home page

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