Number Fun Days

Action-packed celebrations of mathematics that include both fun-filled workshops for children and training for staff.

  • A powerful day of C.P.D. for your teaching staff

  • An action-packed and creative day of workshops for your children

  • A fun-filled and engaging mathematical experience for all

A Number Fun Day is led by Dave himself and it equips teachers to use the Number Fun Portal as a powerful tool for helping children engage in deep learning experiences.

Throughout the day, both children and teachers, explore the power of combining visualisation, animation, story, song and humour into the teaching of primary mathematics. 

Assembly & Workshops:

A typical Number Fun Day begins with a Maths-based Collective Worship/Assembly for the whole school, followed by four hour-long workshops – each one aimed at a different phase or year-group (e.g. 3-5, 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11).

Dave’s presentation is fun and fast moving, and includes puppetry, role play, props, concrete mathematical resources and actions.  Dave carefully models for teachers creative ways they might use the Number Fun songs and videos.  It’s a great opportunity for teachers to reflect upon, learn and grasp the power of Number Fun for teaching mathematical concepts.

Staff Training:

The day finishes with an hour-long meeting aimed at equipping staff to creatively use the contents of the Number Fun Portal.

In this short session, Dave opens up the contents of the Number Fun Portal and helps teachers to:

  • identify why Number Fun is such a powerful tool for learning
  • understand how to quickly locate the resources and incorporate them into their planning
  • creatively use the Number Fun videos and resources within their lessons.

For more details or to book a Number Fun Day, please give the Number Fun office a call on 01904 778848 or email

The session was excellent! The children were so engaged. Dave Godfrey is brilliant at telling stories through mathematical concepts. The staff meeting was so informative, and the portal is really easy to use. Can’t wait for the next session.

I really enjoyed the Number Fun Day. It is a great to see and learn lots of new ways of teaching math’s in a fun way. I, in particular, like the way the website has lots of great links to help support planning too. I have been using it, but the day has really helped me plan and teach Maths in more flexible and creative ways.

Karl Cross - Assistant Head Teacher and Year 6 Teacher

Barrowford School, Nelson, Lancashire

“I loved the monkey song!  It was funny!”

“I like singing the number fun songs.”


“Number Fun helps make Maths easier. He explains things in fun ways and the songs make learning fun.”

“Number Fun really helped me with my division learning last week. I liked the 9 x tables song.”

“I enjoyed Number Fun it was fun. It helps with Maths and to know my times tables.”

(Year 3)


Barrowford School, Nelson, Lancashire

We had an amazing and inspiring visit from Dave at Number Fun.

It was a great way to start the school year off and maintain our high priority and profile in maths.  Dave didn’t stop from the moment he arrived ’til the moment he left.  The children were mesmerized!

Cheeky monkey was especially popular with the children in EYFS and Key stage 1.

Key Stage 2 were equally inspired – creating dances to go with their Prime Number Song.  A mixture of fun, learning, assemblies and workshops.   Every child in the school took part and are already asking when the next one will be.

Thanks Dave – a fantastic day!

Jo Matthews

Maths Lead, Horndon on the Hill, Basildon, Essex

At Topcliffe CofE Academy we were so excited to have Dave Godfrey back. A Number Fun Day is such an exciting way to get pupils and staff excited and buzzing about Maths. Dave’s songs give all children the opportunity to engage and learn in a fun, interactive, inclusive way. The songs are up-beat, rhythmic and accessible and the stories and activity keep even the youngest children interested.  All the songs teach children key mathematical vocabulary and help ensure stickability of key concepts. 

Thank you, Dave, for such a great day. We are looking forward to using the Number Fun portal and making Number Fun even more fun at Topcliffe CofE Academy!

Abi Clay

Headteacher, Topcliffe CofE Academy

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