What is the portal

The Number Fun Portal contains a vast array creative and powerful resources for the teaching of primary mathematics.  The website contains over 250 Number Fun songs and song videos, organised into mathematical domains and phases, and streamable on demand.  These powerful presentations are accompanied by sets of downloadable ideas packs and PDF resources.


Mathematical resources for 3 to 11-year-old mathematicians, their teachers and their parents.

There are two dedicated Number Fun portals – a teacher portal and a parent portal – designed to support the use of Number Fun in school or at home.  Each one opens up a wonderful world of mathematics through creativity, story, imagery and song.  Number Fun has proved to be a powerful tool for bringing both understanding and enjoyment to the wonderful world of mathematics.

Personal Membership

Keen to add clarity, enjoyment and creativity to your teaching of mathematics?  A Personal Membership equips you as an individual teacher with access to the entire contents of the portal, with powerful tools aimed at your specific age-range and mathematical topic.  The resources will support and enhance the teaching of Mastery whatever scheme or curriculum you are following.

School Membership

Passionate about bringing enjoyment, consistency and a clear progression in understanding across your primary school?  School-wide membership provides dedicated logins for each teacher within school providing access to a vast array of powerful tools for use with each phase.  The use of story characters, song and visualisations enhance and develop conceptual understanding and the rapid recall of key facts across for children of all ages.

parent Membership

Keen to support your child’s development as a mathematician?  The Number Fun portal utilises the powerful tools of story, visualisation, media, fun and creativity.  For centuries we have used story and song to learn and convey meaning.  The vast array of song video presentations help children talk about, understand, remember and enjoy mathematics. 

Child Membership

Is your school passionate for equipping children to explore the Number Fun at home?  Special discounted rates are available for schools if they wish to purchase logins for their children via the Parent Portal.  The same engaging content your children love to engage with in the classroom is available to use at home via the Parent Portal.

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