Clock Cards 2 – 5 Minute Intervals (download)

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This PDF is the second of two sets of Clock Cards featuring analogue clock faces.  This set includes images for 5, 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50 & 55 minutes past each hour.

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This set of cards includes full sets for every hour across the day of the following 8 times:

1: Five minutes past the hour
2: Ten minutes past the hour
3: Twenty minutes past the hour
4: Twenty-five minutes past the hour
5: Twenty-five minutes to the hour
6: Twenty minutes to the hour
7: Ten minutes to the hour
8: Five minutes to the hour

Each card can be separated into two parts – the clock image and the written time.
Note: ‘Clock Cards 1’ has cards for o’clock, half past and quarter to and past the hour.

Ideas for Use:
1: Trading Cards – comparing, describing, naming etc.
2: Desktop Game Cards – matching (e.g. the clock image and the time)
3: Reasoning Cards – what is the connection between the clock hands and the written time?
4: Time Lines – ordering the clocks and exploring the types of activity we do at specific times in the day.

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