Bar Model Scenario Cards (download)

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This download contains 8 bar models and 8 problem cards. 


This download contains 8 bar models and 8 problem cards.  Each bar model is missing it’s key data.  Each problem card contains the data that is required to complete one of the Bar Model cards.  Can your children match the cards, transfer all the data (including the question mark) onto the Bar Models and then solve the problems?

Print out all 4 sheets and cut into quarters to create 16 Bar Model Scenario Cards.

Ideas for Use:
1) Partner Card Search – each child is given a card and encouraged to move around the room, reasoning with other children about their cards in order to find the person who has the card that matches their own.  Children then solve that problem.
2) Here’s the model, what could the question be? – children are given just the Bar Model cards and encouraged to create their own stories or problems that would fit each card.
3) Here’s the model, which problem is it? – children lay out all the model cards and then turn over a problem card.  Their challenge is to match the problem to a card.  Which cards go to together?
4) That’s a match, what new problem could we create? – once children have matched the cards, encourage them to create a new problem based on the same information.  Can they be flexible with the data?

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