Base 10 Imagery (download)

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This PDF download provides children with a set of Base 10 imagery they can cut out and manipulate to represent number and calculation.


This pack was first made after a request from a headteacher.  She wanted her children to be able to explore the use of Base 10 equipment at home and needed a resource to print.

This document contains the following:
Page 2: 70 ones and 20 tens
Page 3: 30 ones and 4 hundreds
Page 4: 15 ones, 6 tens, 1 hundred & 2 thousands

Ideas for Use:
1) Homework – in the absence of being able to use the real base 10 materials, children can cut up and explore number and calculation using this  resource.
2) Mystery Number Poster – children use the printouts to help create a mystery number poster. The poster could be annotated with facts about that number.  The readers of the poster have the challenge of working out what that number is.
3) How many altogether? – children cut up and arrange the images to show what number is represented by all the pieces across all 3 sheets.  How might you arrange the ones and tens to make the number clearly visible.  (All pieces total: 2000 + 500 + 260 + 115 = 2875)
4) Use the pieces with calculating in the classroom accompanied by a place value grid.  This is an ideal alternative if you don’t have enough Base 10 materials.

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