Clock Cards 1 – o’clock, halves & quarters (download)

£3.49 inc. VAT

This PDF is the first of two sets of Clock Cards featuring analogue clock faces.  This set includes images of each o’clock, half past the hour, quarter to and quarter past the hour.


This set of 48 cards includes full sets for every hour across the day of the following 4 times:

1: O’clock
2: Half past the hour
3: Quarter past the hour
4: Quarter to the hour

Each card can be separated into two parts – the clock image and the written time.
Note: There are separate downloads (Clock Cards 2 etc.) which have other clock times at 5-minute intervals, minute intervals etc.

Ideas for Use:
1: Trading Cards – comparing, describing, naming etc.
2: Desktop Game Cards – matching (e.g. the clock image and the time)
3: Reasoning Cards – what is the connection between the clock hands and the written time?
4: Time Lines – ordering the clocks and exploring the types of activity we do at specific times in the day.

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