FDP Triangles (download)

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A set of fraction circles from wholes, halves, thirds etc. through to tenths and twelfths. One of the most valuable Fraction Downloads ever!


This set of 18 triangle cards provide a powerful and creative way of children working on their fraction decimal and percentage facts supported by a fraction image.

Each triangle has the equivalent common fraction, percentage and decimal fraction in its vertices.  It also has a bar fraction image in the centre.

The fraction image splits the whole into equal parts and the section coloured in red represents the fraction on each card.
These cards should be printed out, cut up and then laminated for longevity.

Ideas for Use:
1: Trading Games – children each take a triangle and trade with others.  Play the ‘Cover Up’ game where a child places a finger over one of the vertices and challenges a partner to state which representation is covered up & reason why.
2: Table Games – children work with a partner and a set of triangle cards.
3: Ordering Challenge – can children order the fractions in different ways?
4: Gradual Reveal – one player hides a card under a book or piece of card.  They gradually reveal one vertex.  The other player needs to state all card content as rapidly as possible.

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