Fraction Circles (download)

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A set of fraction circles from wholes, halves, thirds etc. through to tenths and twelfths. One of the most valuable Fraction Downloads ever!


This is one of the most useful and important fraction resources around!
This set of fraction circles includes: wholes, halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, tenths and twelfths.

1: Print out each page of fraction circles onto different coloured paper.
2: Laminate for longevity and then cut up into individual fraction segments.

Top Tip: Make some versions of the fraction circles that have only some of the segments cut out.  This will enable you to, for example, compare the images of 9 twelfths, 6 eighths and 3 quarters very efficiently using just three pieces of paper.

Ideas for Use:
1) Visualising a number – e.g. using 8 fifths you can create the image of 1 and 3 fifths
2) Calculating – e.g. 2 quarters plus 5 eighth, 1 and a half divided by a quarter (how many quarters are there in 1 and a half – pictured).
3) Comparing: 5 ninths and 2 thirds
4) Counting in Fractions: e.g. one quarter, half, three quarters, one, one and a quarter etc.
5) Visualising fractions greater than one.

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