I See Six (download)

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This simple document that contains images of 6 counters in different arrangements, revealing different properties of the number 6.

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This simple pack is designed to provide you with some ideas for exploring the number 6 with different coloured counter combinations.

Page 2: 3 Green, 2 Red and 1 Blue
Page 3: 2 Green, 2 Red and 2 Blue
Page 4: 3 Green, 3 Red

Ideas for Use:
1) Display the images either as a print out or on your computer screen for your children to see.  Challenge them to replicate the images.  What do they notice about the pictures?  What does each image tell us about the number 6?
2) 9 or 12:  Use the imagery in this pack and challenge the children to explore how they might represent the number 9 or the number 12.  How might they continue the pattern?  Does everyone agree?  What is the concensus of opinion?
3) 8 and 4 colours: Extend the ideas presented on these pages.  Can your children create images for other numbers, like the number 8?  How might they use 2 colours, 3 colours or even 4 colours in their imagery?
4) Problem solving: Undertake a ‘finding all possibilities’ activity.  How many different ways are there of using 2 Green and 2 Red counters in a line?  Can you be systematic? What about 3 Green and 3 Red counters?

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