Number Track – 1 to 120 (download)

£1.99 inc. VAT


This is a basic 1-120 Number Track ideal for using alongside different types of counters or for use on a presentation screen.

The pages should be printed A3 if possible.  Each page could then be cut into strips to create a linear number track.  Equally the strips could be arranged as they are presented to mirror the layout of a typical hundred square.

Ideas for Use:
1: Counting: Children count along the Number Track, placing counters in the boxes as appropriate.
2: Addition and Subtraction: Children add or subtract by placing counters on or remove them from the Number Track.
3: Reasoning: Can the children arrange the cut up sections of the number track into order.  Why is it ordered in this way?  Does it matter?
4: Multiplication and Division: Children work with groups of counters in different colours to represent a product (e.g. 6 x 3) or to see, for example, how many groups of 4 they can fit into 32.

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