Number Track – 10s Frame Image (download)

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This PDF download enables you to create a simple Number Track that features the 10s Frame Image.


This document enables you to print out and create a number track from 1 to 20 that includes the image of counters in a tens frame, the numeral and the spelt out number name.

Printing Options:
Print out on A3, cut and compile as a Number Track for display.
(2) Print smaller A4 or A5 versions for use by individual children.
(3) Cut the strips into individual number cards.

Ideas for Use:
1) Display – print out as directed above and utilise as part of your mathematics display.
2) Individual children’s reasoning – provide children with their own number tracks.  Ask them to reason about the images they see?  What is the difference betwen 14 and 9?  How do you know?
3) Ordering Challenge – provide children with cut up Number Tracks and challenge them to order the numbers from 1 to 20.  Can they use an alternative resource to create a different type of Number Track?

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